What is the purpose of Search?

In this article, you will learn about the scope of Search and what to use it for.

Search is comprised of three tabs that each represent a different source and database. Learn more about it in “What are the sources tracked in Search?”.

The Search module was built to allow users to:

  1. Search beyond the list of pre-set topics available in the Benchmark and News modules
  2. Explore Datamaran’s company report database and have quick access to any company report 
  3. Explore News’ module database

For instance, you can search for references to macro-trends like “circular economy,” regulatory requirements like the “UK Modern Slavery Act” and reporting frameworks like the “UN Sustainable Development Goals”. 

The Search module shows the number of documents mentioning the search query, you can use the visualizations on the right of the page to identify reporting and media trends by sector, location, report type, and companies.