When to use the Observe module?

In this article, you will learn about the database scope of the Observe module and about the kind of information you can retrieve from it.

Observe is a regulatory database offering a topic-centric view of regulatory initiatives and related developments that impact corporate disclosure on non-financial issues.

Observe scans your regulatory horizon across global markets and industries. This is based on a proprietary list of both soft and hard law, impacting corporate transparency on Datamaran topics.

For more details about the sources used in this module, go to What are the sources tracked in Observe?

The Observe database purpose is to provide a comprehensive representation of the trends in the policy-making activity of a variety of salient stakeholders, so that it can be used as evidence to demonstrate the materiality of one or more topics. In this sense, it is important to stress that the Observe database has not been built for the purpose of conducting compliance assessments, although its data can be used to draw some indications concerning compliance. 

Observe allows you to:

  • Scan your horizon to identify regulatory requirements across your value chain or markets and industries of interest.
  • Zoom in on soft law and expected initiatives to identify emerging regulatory risks and opportunities. 
  • Identify key regulatory issues across any market and industry of interest.
  • Benchmark your disclosure on regulatory issues in one click. 
  • Be informed of regulatory developments via automated email alerts