What are the topics tracked in Datamaran?

In this article, you will learn about the list of pre-set topics tracked in Datamaran.

Datamaran list of topics list stands as the foundation of our tool. Adapting to the global markets and capturing new and emerging trends, it delivers near-real-time risk and opportunity intelligence on competitor activity, industry best practice, regulatory developments, public opinions, and stakeholder views. To this end, our ontologies are framework and standard-neutral, and regularly enhanced to include new terms, topics, and contextual information.

The list of topics tracked in Datamaran is the same across the Benchmark, Observe and Newsflow and Social databases. However, in order to capture the relevant content, the underlying terms are adapted to each database and the language used.

You can find the current list of topics here, along with their definition and examples of underlying terms used in our algorithms.