What are the sources tracked in Observe?

In this article, you will learn how sources used in Observe are selected and validated.

The database is continuously enriched based on user needs and feedback, as well as market developments, through a semi-automated process involving machine operated updates and manual verification from the regulatory team. 

Our legal experts ensure that the information provided corresponds to the latest developments through: 

  • Manual and semi-automated review of news, newsletters, media content, policy-makers official websites.
  • Automatic alerts that detect information regarding regulatory developments on the web.
  • Regular coverage checks on certain topics and industries.

The entries are therefore regularly updated to ensure that the information provided is as accurate as possible. 

Observe gives a representation of the policy-making activity of a variety of actors, including governments, parliaments, public administration, supranational and international entities, industry self-regulatory bodies, non-governmental entities, stock exchanges, and other institutions. 

The initiatives can be mandatory, conditionally mandatory or voluntary, and are primarily related to non-financial issues.