Template: Yearly update of Datamaran materiality analysis - methodology, results and insights to share internally

The Datamaran team has designed a presentation template containing the methodology, results and insights of your yearly update that are particularly interesting to share internally:

1 - Methodology and results of the materiality assessment

  • Explanation of Datamaran sources’ scope
  • Survey approach and results
  • Breakdown of sources weight
  • Presentation of the list of issues
  • Materiality Matrix

2 - Comparison analysis over the past year

  • Overview of the main changes

  • Noticeable evolution across sources, material issues update, key evolution by pillar and explanation 

3 - Monitoring  of the issues over a period of time

  • List of issues increasing the most and drivers of change

  • Zoom on an issue increasing in importance

4 - Emerging issues and trends – Societal signals

  • Strong and weak “societal signals” to consider, identified through detailed analysis of News, Media and voluntary regulation

  • Increases noticed in societal sources (News, Media and voluntary regulation) over the 6 past months

Please click here to open the presentation template.