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How to identify companies' best practices on non-financial issues.

In this article, you will learn how to use Datamaran’s Heatmap function to identify companies’ best practices on non-financial issues.

If you want to find out the market best practices for your material issues, you need to identify which companies are placing a high emphasis on certain topics.

Datamaran heatmaps are an easy representation of huge amounts of data that are color-coded and lead you directly to the data you are interested in. 

The Heatmap function will help you to spot the companies that are placing a high emphasis on your topics of interest and then you can use the topic browser tool to check them out directly in their reports. This can help you find inspiration on topics you might want to communicate better on next year.

To create your heatmap:

  1. Go to Datamaran’s Benchmark module.
  2. Set up the filters of your analysis (you can do a sectorial/regional analysis on your peers, focusing on certain types of reports).
  3. Click on “Update Analysis” to run your benchmark analysis.
  4. Access the heatmap function by clicking on the “Heatmap” button on the top right-hand side of the page.
  5. You will see a new window with the same parameters you set in the benchmarking module and the top 20 topics in the heatmap.
  6. Eventually, add or remove topics based on your topics of interest.
  7. Click on “Generate Heatmap” to create a spreadsheet file which includes the companies in the sector as well as their individual emphasis scores. 
  8. Explore the results and identify the companies putting a high emphasis on your topics of interest.
  9. Use the topic browser to identify companies’ disclosure on those topics.

The video below explains in detail how you can perform this analysis.