How to use the "Search for regulatory initiatives" tab in Observe.

In this article, you will learn how to interpret the information presented in the "Search for regulatory initiatives" tab in Observe.

This is a flexible search function based on a number of search criteria. Users can search for any specific initiative by its title or view a list of particular initiatives through a variety of selectable filters, such as:

  • Enforcement level (mandatory, conditionally mandatory, or voluntary)
  • Disclosure Requirement
  • Status (Active, Expected or Superseded)
  • Targeted Entity Status (private, public, state-owned, or other)
  • Topics of interest
  • Incurred Penalties and sanctions (criminal sanctions, corporate liability, damages, injunctions etc.)
  • Country of interest
  • Sectors of interest
  • Certain dates - entry into force and last update
  • Policy-maker of the initiative - name of the entity which has issued the initiative
  • Policy-maker Type 

These filters can be used individually or in conjunction to create a tailor-made exportable table of existing initiatives. Initiatives can then be individually selected and the corresponding initiative profile page can be consulted. 

Examples of questions that can be answered with a custom search include:

  • How to identify the key regulatory issues across any market and industry of interest - By selecting the industry/geography scope.
  • How to identify emerging regulatory risks and opportunities for your company - By using 1) the “Enforcement level” filter with “Voluntary” initiatives and separately, 2) the Status filter with “Expected” initiatives
  • How to identify key regulatory issues across one or more topic - By selecting one topic and an industry/geographic scope (or none, to be broader).