How to use the "My regulatory radar" tab in Observe.

In this article, you will learn how to interpret the information presented in the “My regulatory radar” tab in Observe.

This tab is comprised of four elements:

1) “Radar”: List of initiatives with direct, indirect and global relevance.

Observe presents users with the regulatory initiatives relevant to their selected profile based on industry, geographic, and entity classifications - as set up in the Profile module, for the selected scenario. 

The relevance level is classified as Direct, Indirect, and Regional / Global. These are defined as follows: 

  • Direct relevance relates to the company’s industry and sector, headquarter country location, and entity type (public, private, state-owned, or other). 
  • Indirect relevance relates to the sector(s) and geographical markets served, as well as the sector(s) and geographic location(s) of the first tier suppliers. This information can be used to better understand emerging issues in specific sectors, industries, and regions. For example, to analyse suppliers in India users can enter “India” in the “First Tier Suppliers” section of the company profile. 
  • Regional / Global relevance relates to the Profile’s sector(s), and provides users with soft and hard law issued by supranational organisations such as the European Union, international organisations such as the United Nations, global industry associations, and global non-profit organisations.

You can click on each initiative to open an “Initiative information” summary.

2) Regulatory topics

The “Regulatory Topics” List pinpoints the top 20 regulatory topics most referenced in the regulatory initiatives listed in your Regulatory Radar. Zoom in on issues most relevant to specific markets and industries by selecting the initiative references in either the Direct, Indirect or Global Relevance lists, and select Update.

The ratio (in %) of each topic illustrates the relative number of initiatives referencing the selected topic based on the total number of initiatives included in the analysis. 

You can click on a topic to see the relevant regulatory initiatives in a separate pop-up window. 

Click on “Push to Benchmark” to do an assessment of your and peers’ reporting coverage on key regulatory topics. By clicking on this button, you will automatically be redirected to the Benchmark module where a new tab with those top 20 topics will open.

3) Selected initiatives by country

This map is a visual representation of the data presented in the “Radar” at the top of the page.

  • The “Local initiatives” refer to the initiatives with “Direct relevance.”
  • The  “Indirect initiatives” refer to initiatives with “Indirect relevance.”
  • The “Regional initiatives” refer to initiatives with “Global relevance” but at a regional level.
  • The “Global initiatives” refer to the initiatives with “Global relevance” not linked to a specific region or group of countries.

4) Recently Added/Amended Initiatives

This list of initiatives is generated based on the alerts set up in your account. Any new or updated initiatives for the alerts set up will appear there, as well as on your Dashboard.