How to use the Materiality Module comparison function.

In this article, you will learn how to compare two different materiality analyses.

Datamaran’s Comparison function allows you to compare two different materiality analyses. You can compare the overall results for the external or the internal view or zoom in and compare the results by source including the custom data.

To use this function, the list of issues has to be identical between the 2 analyses you want to compare:

  1. Go to the Materiality Module.
  2. Select your analysis.
  3. On the Materiality menu, select the “Comparison” function.
  4. On the compare page, select the 2 analyses you wish to compare, from among the analyses that you created and saved in the Materiality Module.
  5. Choose the data source: only one of the sources or all of them aggregated.
  6. Select the difference thresholds, to identify evolutions of different ranges.
  7. The comparison chart will appear under the filters.
  8. By clicking on an issue, you will see more detail on the right-hand side: the ranking in both analysis, the differences between the two and the scores of the underlying topics. This can help you understand which topics drive the overall change.