How to use Datamaran to assess how well you cover your most material issues.

In this article, you will learn how Datamaran can help you spot gaps in your reporting and identify which issues you might want to communicate more on next year.

In order to assess your report you need to use Datamaran’s Comparison tool within the Materiality Module. This helps you compare your analysis with your peers’ or with your sector in the benchmark source.

For this, you can use an analysis that you have previously performed with your peers in the benchmark source, or create a new one against your peers, your sector or countries of interest.

In order to build the analysis for your company report, you need to clone your existing analysis and modify the benchmark parameters by selecting only your company. Since all other sources remain the same, you can directly scroll to the bottom of the page and capture the analysis.  Adjust the weights to put 100% on benchmark and 0% on the three other sources, and update the analysis. 

Compare these two analyses and see how well your report covers the most material issues.

The video below explains in detail how to perform this analysis.