How to set up your company profile.

In this article, you will learn how to adjust your company profile. Your company profile is the foundation for your analysis in Benchmark (peer and industry analytics) and Observe (regulatory radar).

Through company profile, you can adjust basic settings that impact your analysis through Datamaran.  Market served sectors and locations, as well as first-tier supplier sectors and locations, influence the Observe Regulatory Radar and Entity status. Industry/sector information will prepopulate the parameters for your Benchmark and Materiality analysis.

Please note that this profile is shared across all users with access to the same license. Only the administrator of the account can change the company profile. If the user is not the administrator a message will appear at the top of the screen saying a new scenario needs to be created if you want to modify the profile (you can learn how to do this in this article.)

The first step to using Datamaran is to input the information covering your company’s core operations (industry and sector, headquarter locations, market capitalization, and employee size), the markets in which it operates and its first-tier suppliers, in the “My Company Profile” tab. 

Some of the settings are already pre-populated, but others require input from your side. 

To complete your company profile:   

  1. Go to the My Company Profile tab.
  2. Select your company’s entity status. This field is prepopulated, but it can easily be adjusted. 
  3. Select your company’s industry sector details. Sector and size fields refer to your own company and are pre-populated. However, you can adjust them.
  4. Select your company’s location details.
  5. Select your company’s size details.
  6. Save your changes.