How to read the "8 Weeks Insights" in Social.

In this article, you will learn how to analyze the different metrics provided in the 8 Weeks Insights in Social.

The 8 Weeks Insights can help you understand more about the topic. These are based on the most recent eight weeks of data. Different metrics provide you with insights, such as the reach and impressions of the selected topic. 


  • Topic elements: keywords Datamaran looks for on Twitter to find tweets related to this topic. 
  • Total tweets: total numbers of tweets, including retweets. 
  • Total impressions: number of potential times people have seen tweets related to the topic over the past 12 weeks, based on the number of followers of users that tweeted about the topic. 
  • Total unique tweets: total numbers of unique tweets (excluding retweets). 
  • Total contributors: total number of accounts that tweeted about this topic, including retweets. 
  • Frequency: average number of tweets on this topic per account. 
  • Influencers: accounts that got the most retweets on their tweets for this topic.