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How to identify stakeholders’ expectations.

In this article, you will learn how Datamaran can help you identify stakeholders’ expectations by stakeholder group.

There are two types of stakeholder engagement tool provided by the Datamaran Materiality module:

  1. Online survey management allows you to consult a broad range of stakeholders on prioritizing your issues.
  2. Issues ranking in the internal view allows you to discuss strategic aspects with a smaller group of decision makers or influential stakeholders.


Datamaran also supports the typical stages of your stakeholder engagement:

  • When you identify and prioritize your material issues.

Challenge or pain point: You want to ensure the correct representation of the stakeholders’ voices, and collect and analyze all the available information. 

Datamaran support: You can leverage the sources included in the Materiality module and manage your online survey.


  • When you integrate your findings into your corporate strategy.

Challenge or pain point: You want to involve the most influential stakeholders in line with your internal decision-making process and your corporate governance.

Datamaran support: You can use the ‘issues ranking’ option in the Materiality module. You can also identify trends and influencers in the NewsFlow and Social modules.


  • When you are at the stage to co-develop solutions to address the issues.

Challenge or pain point: You need to involve experts on specific issues or start-ups in order to collaborate on individual projects.

Datamaran support: You can use the Benchmark module to identify best practices on your specific issues.


At every stage, you want to engage with a stakeholder to drive real learning, innovation and performance within the business.