Query related to companies’ commitments on SDGs.

In this article, you will learn how to use Datamaran to identify how companies disclose their commitments on SDGs.

Approach 1: Spotting the companies that report on SDGs.

  1. Go to the Search module.
  2. You will automatically land on the Reports tab.
  3. You can copy and paste the search query sample below or build your own search query.
    SDG                     SEARCH QUERY     
    Commitments on SDGs "SDGs" OR "sustainable development goals" OR "sustainable goals"
    Mention of SDG 1 "SDG1" OR "SDG 1" OR "SDG:1" OR "SDG-1" OR "SDG\"No poverty\""~5
    Mention of SDG 2 "SDG2" OR "SDG 2" OR "SDG:2" OR "SDG-2" OR "SDG\"Zero hunger\""~5 OR "SDG\"Hunger\"" OR "SDG\"Malnutrition\""
    Mention of SDG 3 "SDG3" OR "SDG 3" OR "SDG:3" OR "SDG-3" OR "SDG\"Good health\""~5 OR "SDG\"Wellbeing\""~5
    Mention of SDG 4 "SDG4" OR "SDG 4" OR "SDG:4" OR "SDG-4" OR "SDG\"Quality education\""~5 OR "SDG\"Education\""~5 OR "SDG\"Training\""
    Mention of SDG 5 "SDG5" OR "SDG 5" OR "SDG:5" OR "SDG-5" OR "SDG\"Gender equality\""~5 OR "SDG\"Gender discrimination\"" OR "SDG\"Discrimination\Women"""~5 OR "SDG women equality"""~10
    Mention of SDG 6 "SDG6" OR "SDG 6" OR "SDG:6" OR "SDG-6" OR "SDG\"Clean Water\""~5 OR "SDG\"Sanitation\""~5 OR "SDG\"Water\""~5 OR "SDG\"Safe Water\""~5 OR "SDG\"Drinking Water\""~5 OR "SDG\"Hygiene\""~5
    Mention of SDG 7 "SDG7" OR "SDG 7" OR "SDG:7" OR "SDG-7" OR "SDG\"Affordable energy\""~5 OR "SDG\"Clean Energy\""~5 OR "SDG\"Energy\""~5 OR "SDG\"Energy Efficiency\""~5
    Mention of SDG 8 "SDG8" OR "SDG 8" OR "SDG:8" OR "SDG-8" OR "SDG\"Decent work\""~5 OR "SDG\"Economic growth\""~5 OR "SDG\"Economic productivity\""~5 OR "SDG\"Job creation\""~5 OR "SDG\"Work conditions\""~5 OR "SDG\"Employment\""~5 OR "SDG\"Productive employment\""~5
    Mention of SDG 9 "SDG9" OR "SDG 9" OR "SDG:9" OR "SDG-9" OR "SDG\"Quality infrastructure\""~5 OR "SDG\"Resilient infrastructure\""~5 OR ""SDG\"Regional infrastructure\""~5" OR "SDG\"Sustainable infrastructure\""~5 OR "SDG\"Inclusive industrialization\""~5 OR SDG\"Sustainable industrialization\""~5 OR "SDG\"Innovation\""~5"
    Mention of SDG 10 "SDG10" OR "SDG 10" OR "SDG:10" OR "SDG-10" OR "SDG\"Reduced inequalities\'''~5 OR SDG\"Equal opportunity\""~5
    Mention of SDG 11 "SDG11" OR "SDG 11" OR "SDG:11" OR "SDG-11" OR "SDG\"Sustainable communities\""~5 OR "SDG\"Sustainable cities\""~5 OR SDG\"Housing\""~5 OR SDG\"Sustainable transport\""~5 OR SDG\"Sustainable urbanization\""~5 OR SDG\"Human settlement\""~5 OR SDG\"Air quality\""~5 OR SDG\"Waste management\""~5
    Mention of SDG 12 "SDG12" OR "SDG 12" OR "SDG:12" OR "SDG-12" OR "SDG\"Responsible consumption\""~5 OR "SDG\"Responsible production\""~5 OR "SDG\"Waste generation\""~5 OR "SDG\"Use\"Natural resources\"""~10
    Mention of SDG 13 "SDG13" OR "SDG 13" OR "SDG:13" OR "SDG-13" OR "SDG\"Climate action\""~5 OR "SDG\"Climate change\""~5
    Mention of SDG 14 "SDG14" OR "SDG 14" OR "SDG:14" OR "SDG-14" OR "SDG\"Life\ Water\"""~5 OR "SDG\"Water pollution\""~5 OR "SDG\"Ocean pollution\""~5 OR "SDG\"Overfishing\""~5 OR "SDG\"Marine resources\""~5
    Mention of SDG 15 "SDG15" OR "SDG 15" OR "SDG:15" OR "SDG-15" OR "SDG\"Deforestation\""~5 OR "SDG\"desertification\""~5 OR "SDG\"Wildlife\""~5 "SDG\"Biodiversity\""~5 OR "SDG\"ecosystems\""~5 OR "SDG\"Flora\Fauna\""~10
    Mention of SDG 16 ""SDG16" OR "SDG 16" OR "SDG:16" OR "SDG-16" OR "SDG\"Peace\""~5 OR "SDG\"Justice\""~5 OR "SDG\"Strong institutions\""~5 OR "SDG\"Violence\""~5 OR "SDG\"Punishment\""~5 OR "SDG\"Abuse\""~5 OR "SDG\"Exploitation\""~5 OR "SDG\"Corruption\""~5 OR "SDG\"Bribery\""~5 OR "SDG\"Transparent institutions\"" OR "SDG\"Fundamental freedoms\""
    Mention of SDG 17 "SDG17" OR "SDG 17" OR "SDG:17" OR "SDG-17" OR "SDG\"Partnership\""~5
  4. Refine your results with the filters on the left-hand panel to focus your analysis on your companies of interest. After any changes of filter have benn done, do not forget to click on “Update analysis” at the top or bottom of the filter panel.
  5. Explore disclosure practices and pinpoint exact references to any term(s) within company reports with highlighted sections.
  6. Download your search results and visualizations for reporting and communication purposes.

Approach 2: Assessing the content of the report to identify the company’s emphasis on topics related to SDG business themes.


  1. Go to Profile.
  2. Click on the + sign, create and save a new scenario.
  3. Go to the Strategic Mapping tab.
  4. Choose the SDG_Default mapping (with the 17 SDGs mapped against Datamaran topics corresponding to the business themes) on any of the SDG business themes mapping (for a focus on any of the SDGs). 
  5. Set up an Issues Benchmark.
  6. Save (at the bottom).
  7. Go to Benchmark.
  8. Click on the Issues Benchmark tab.
  9. Adjust the criteria to focus on the sectors, countries, peers and reports of your choice.
  10. Click on Update analysis.
  11. Analyze the emphasis put by your peers on the SDG business themes:
    • The Percentage Mentions tab can help identify the SDGs or the business themes that are not mentioned whatsoever.
    • The Average Coverage tab can help identify the SDGs or the business themes that are approached partially (eg. climate change only mentioned in terms of CO2 reduction and not adaptation and resilience).
    • The Coverage Intensity tab is the best indicator to assess the coverage of an SDG or a business theme by the peers overall.