How to decide on a reporting framework and select the indicators to be disclosed in your non-financial report.

In this article, you will learn how to use Datamaran to identify the best reporting framework to use in your non-financial report and select the indicators to be disclosed.

Once you have identified your company's material issues and the underlying topics, perform a search in the “Search for regulatory initiatives" tool in the Observe module in order to identify the frameworks covering the topics.

  1. Go to the Observe module.
  2. You will automatically land on the Search for regulatory initiatives tab.
  3. Select the voluntary initiatives in the Enforcement level filter.
  4. Select the active initiatives in the Status level filter.
  5. Select your topic(s) of interest.
  6. Select your countries of interest.
  7. Explore your results and click on an initiative to consult the initiative page and decide if it is the most appropriate framework.


You can use Datamaran’s Search module to identify the indicators used by other companies to disclose on topics/issues of interest and select the most appropriate for your company.


  1. Go to the Search module.
  2. You will automatically land on the Reports tab.
  3. Use the "Ask Us" button to ask our Datamaran experts for search queries adapted to your topics/issues of interest. I.e.
    Topic/Issue of interest                     SEARCH QUERY     
    Greenhouses gases "scope 1\"tons co2\""~10 OR "scope 1\"tonnes co2\""~10 OR "scope 1\"emissions reduction targets\""~10
    Waste & Hazardous Materials Management "amount of waste generated\"percentage hazardous\""~10 AND "percentage recycled"
  4. Once you’ve received the search query for your topic/issues of interest, copy and paste it into the search box.
  5. Refine your results with the filters on the left-hand panel to focus your analysis on your sector or companies of interest. After any changes of filter, do not forget to click on “Update analysis” at the top or bottom of the filter panel.
  6. Explore disclosure practices and pinpoint exact references to any term(s) within company reports with highlighted sections.