How to customize the Observe (regulatory) data source.

In this article, you will learn how to set up the parameters for the analysis of the Observe source.

The source, based on the Observe module, assesses the most regulated topics relevant to your operations. For this source, you need to select the relevant jurisdictions for your company based on your activity and main countries of operation.

The jurisdictions you select might be of direct or indirect relevance to your company.

  • Direct relevance: company’s industry and headquarter country location. ¡
  • Indirect relevance: sectors and geographical market(s) and location(s) of the first tier suppliers.

You have the choice to focus your analysis only on initiatives which contain corporate disclosure requirement, and/or include regulations introduced or modified before 2000, adjusting the weights for the mandatory regulation scope.

To define the parameters:

  1. Go to the Materiality Module
  2. Go to your analysis 
  3. Open the “External view” tab
  4. Go to the Observe source box
  5. Select the sectors and the countries of interest
  6. Select which types of regulations you want to include in your analysis
  7. Confirm or customize the weights of the mandatory regulations
  8. Click on the Summarize button to update the overview of regulations that will be included in the analysis according to your criteria (see the fields on the right)
  9. Once all your criteria are set for the Observe source, click on Save & Next.