How to create regional and/or country materiality analysis.

In this article, you will learn how to create regional and/or country materiality analyses to spot local specificities and deploy your sustainability strategy across your countries of operation.

Once you have completed your materiality analysis you can use the clone function in the Materiality module to create regional or country versions of your materiality analysis.

  1. Go to the Materiality Module.
  2.  Select your analysis.
  3. In the “Current analysis” tab on the top left of the page, click on the ”Analysis Options” button (the one with the ellipses icon).
  4. Click on the “Clone Analysis” option.
  5. Name your analysis.
  6. Adjust the parameters in the sources to cover your country/regional specificities. For this, you might need to create regional or country peer lists.
  7. Click on the “All set, let's capture & continue” button to generate your analysis.
  8. Use the comparison tool to explore the differences across regions/countries. You can compare two regions/countries or your global analysis against a region/country across all sources but Social.