How to create a survey in Datamaran.

In this article, you will learn how to create a survey to engage with your stakeholders, and how to integrate the results into your materiality assessment.

Datamaran’s materiality module includes a dedicated functionality to create and manage internal or external stakeholder surveys and include them in your analysis. The surveys are fully customizable and can be aligned with your company image.

In order to create your survey:

1. Go to the Materiality Module.

2. Go to your analysis and click on the radar icon in the middle of the page.

3. In the analysis page, click on the “Survey” button.

4. In the “Survey” page, click on the “Add Survey” button.

5. Open the tab by clicking on the arrow on the right and select the “Create Survey” option.

6. By clicking on the Create Survey button you will be able to create your survey step by step. 

  • Add contacts: you can add contacts manually or upload an Excel file with your contacts by using the template file.
  • Edit survey title and introduction: you can modify the title and the introductory text of your survey according to your needs and add your company’s logo and privacy policy. In this section, you can also edit the stakeholder groups to include an identifying option. This could be relevant if you want to analyze the results by stakeholder group.
  • Edit email: in this section, you can edit the email sent to your stakeholders with the link to access the survey.
  • Test your survey: you can send a test email to validate the survey before sending it. 

7. You can see a preview of the survey and email by clicking on the preview option.

8. Save each of the steps (the orange marks indicate that the information needs to be saved).

9. Finally, set an end date and click on the “Send” button. Note that you can extend the deadline later on (learn how to manage your survey in this article).

10. Your survey will appear in the survey section where you will be able to manage your survey.