How to compare benchmarking analyses

In this article, you will learn how to compare saved benchmarking analyses to assess reporting distinctions between sectors, countries/regions, specific companies, reporting years and/or report types.

The “Compare” function allows you to compare bookmarks, to assess distinctions in coverage between:

  • Sectors
  • Countries / regions
  • Specified companies
  • Reporting years
  • Report types

For instance, you can identify which topics are increasingly becoming mainstream in financial reports by comparing the top 20 issues in reports issued in 2010 to those issued in 2016. 

To generate an analysis comparison:

  1. Click on the Compare button next to the profile names tabs.
  2. Select two or three of your saved bookmarks to compare
  3. Select whether you want to compare the top 20 issues or topics of interest through “my analysis.”
  4. After clicking Compare, you will see both of your bookmarks next to each other. 

You can add comments in your analysis for future reference and knowledge sharing, and download the comparison in PDF.