How to build and save a search query in Search.

In this article, you will learn how to build the different types of queries to optimize your research in the Search. You will also learn how to save them for easy reference over time.

The Search engine supports different types of queries, including exact match queries, OR queries, AND queries, and proximity queries. The proximity queries look for documents containing two or more separate but related terms within a specific number of words, indicated with the symbol “~”.

SINGLE queries OR queries AND queries PROXIMITY queries
“supplier code of conduct”
"food waste" OR "solid waste”
"climate bonds" OR "green bonds"
“GMO” AND "verified"
"executive pay" AND "executive
"increase \"energy consumption\”"~5


Under the search bar, you have a sample of each type of query, which you can copy and paste or modify to search for your term(s) of interest. 

You can combine different types of queries and search for more than one term or combination of terms.

If you prefer you can use the "Ask Us" button to request to our Datamaran experts for search queries adapted to your topics/issues of interest.

Click on the star icon to save your query.  You only need to give a name to your search and hit enter to save it. Your searched queries also appear here. Click on a query to start searching.