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How to assess the level of regulation of a topic by country or region.

In this article, you will learn how to use the "Search for regulatory initiatives" tab in Observe to identify the initiatives covering one or more topics in a country or region.

In order to identify the mandatory or voluntary initiatives covering a topic in a country or region, you need to perform a search in the “Search for regulatory initiatives" tool in the Observe module:

  1. Go to the Observe module.
  2. You will automatically land on the Search for regulatory initiatives tab.
  3. Select the type of initiatives that you want to focus on in the enforcement level filter and status filter. For example, if you want to focus your analysis on mandatory active regulations you need to select “mandatory” in the enforcement level filter and “active” in the status filter. You can learn more about the filters in this article.
  4. Select your topic(s) of interest.
  5. Select your countries of interest.
  6. Explore your results and click on an initiative to consult the initiative page.
  7. Download your search results to build your own analysis and visualizations.


You can also run a country or regional materiality analysis and download the

 regulation source data extract to identify the regulations covering your issues at the local level.