How does the "Topic details" tab work in Social?

In this article, you will learn how to use and read the “Topic details” tab.

The Topic details tab allows you to select a single social topic in order to analyze the level of attention received on Twitter over time.

You can, therefore, monitor public opinion based on Twitter activity around one specific topic.

In order to analyze Twitter activity:

  1. Click on Social.
  2. Click on the Topic details tab.
  3. OR if you are in the “Topic comparison” tab, you will automatically be redirected to Topic details by clicking on any data point on the graph.
  4. In the panel on the left-hand side, select one social topic.
  5. Data in the four elements of the page will be updated.

The four elements displayed on the page are:

  • Metrics Graph - displays the three metrics by week for the selected topic. You can 1) hide/unhide metrics by clicking on them at the bottom of the graph 2) change the week of the data displayed in the other elements by either clicking on a data point or on the date arrow buttons 3) download the graph in PNG format.
  • Top 20 Hashtags graph - displays the top 20 hashtags contained in the tweets tagged by that topic for the selected week of the graph. If you haven’t clicked on a data point or selected a week on the graph, the data shown by default is for the latest week. In order to view the top tweets (i.e. most liked) mentioning a hashtag, click on the bar of the hashtag you want to explore.
  • Top 20 tweets box - displays either the top 20 tweets related to the selected topic (irrespective of hashtags they contain) if you haven’t clicked on a hashtag bar or the top 20 tweets for the selected hashtag if you have clicked on a hashtag bar. Any link from the tweets will automatically redirect you to Twitter or to any other link included if it’s hosted on another website.
  • 8 weeks insight box - go to the dedicated article for more details.