How do you perform a topic analysis?

In this article, you will learn how to deepen your analysis on a specific topic to identify reporting trends.

The “Topic analysis” enables quick analysis of a specific topic, so you can assess reporting trends:

  • Over time - from 2010 to present
  • Across sector(s)
  • Across industries and portfolios 

The function allows you to perform a topic analysis from five different angles:

  1. My position: to assess your current level of emphasis in a specific topic in comparison with your peers
  2. By sector: to identify sectorial specificities
  3. By company: to assess reporting trends among your peers over time
  4. Company list: to identify peers giving the best/worst coverage of a specific issue
  5. By country: to identify geographical specificities

To perform your analysis:

  1. Select a topic by using the dropdown box in the “Topic analysis” section
  2. Click on the tab with the desired view of the topic

Please note that if there’s a lightning bolt in the “My analysis” view, this means that there are regulatory initiatives from the Observe module that are applicable to your company based on your sector and locations. Click on the bolt to find out more.

Through the “By Company” tab, you can assess reporting trends over time. This assessment depends on two filters: (1) selection of specific companies and (2) selection of one report type. The latter ensures comparability in the analysis. The “By Company” view only works when selecting individual companies. The vertical axis of the chart represents the number of mentions of the topic within the report. You can click on a data point to see exact references to the selected topic in the corporate report.