How to create and save a Peer List in Benchmark?

In this article, you will learn how to create and save Peer Lists in Benchmark for quick analysis over time.

The Peer List helps you to focus your analysis on a specific group of companies; for example, a Peer List can be based on your top competitors, industry leaders, or third parties.  Saving your Peer List makes your analysis quicker over time.

To create your Peer List:

  1. Select individual companies to include in the Peer List by typing their names in the "Add company" box.
  2. Once you have found all the companies that you want to add to your list click on the "Save as peer list" button. Please note that you can include as many companies as you like.
  3. Name your Peer List and save.
  4. You can find your saved Peer List in the "Peer List" box.