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Example of a typical Materiality work-back schedule

In this article Datamaran provides you an example of a typical work-back schedule if you choose to run a survey, an internal workshop and have the materiality project finalized in 1,5 months.

- 6 weeks before:
           - Set-up topic mapping (prerequisite to send survey)  
           - Prepare the survey
                        - Establish the list of recipients for the survey(s)   
                        - Draft and validate the survey text (incl. message from who is sending it)
                        - Test the survey
            - Schedule internal workshop(s)
- 5 weeks before   
           - Enter the survey recipients 
           - Send the survey and leave 3 weeks 
- 4 weeks before
           - Confirm the scope of Datamaran sources:
                     - Benchmark(s): sectors/peers/other stakeholders to be included                     
                     - Observe: countries to be included   
                     - News: industry/peers to be included 
           - Confirm the need for additional sources and send the files to Datamaran 
           - Check survey response rate
           - Prepare workshop
- 3 weeks before
            - Send survey reminders
            - Run internal workshop 
2 weeks before
           -  Extract and import survey results
           -  Compile and import workshop results
           -  Import additional custom data (if additional sources)
           - First version of the model (with internal and external ranking)
-  1 week before
           - Internal review and comments
           - Final sign-off
If you know that the final sign off will take some time, add this to the 1,5 months.